Sunday, October 10, 2010

PULIGUNDU Unexplored adventure spot

After my trekking expedition at Skandagiri, I continued to explore various places around my native place during week long vacation. In the course of time, I got an opportunity to explore and hike two more places. First one is Puligundu. This place is about 18 kms from Chittoor district center. It is on the way to a small town called Penumur.
Puli GunduPuligundu is a dual rock mountail with a height of about 1000 feets from the ground. From a distance it looks like a huge Shiva Lingam. It has a very narrow peak with the temple of Puli Gunteeswara (Lord Shiva) at the basement. On the rock top, an Ayyappa temple is under construction. There was no supporting aide available all these years to climb up these steep rocks. But with the support from govt, tourism department has installed metal ladders at places to help people to reach the peak now. Even then it is not an easy task, steepness will make anyone to shiver a bit for sure! This doesn’t happen at at just one instance, there are atleast 3-4 such points to test your fear factor for sure! There is a small and very narrow railing that paves path to move between these two rocks at the top.
Nearby villagers come to the Shiva temple at the base of this rock to offer special pooja during Makar Sankranti time, on the ‘Kanumu’ festival day. This day usually falls on January 15th of every year. One gets to see huge crowd of people coming here on that special day. Otherwise, hardly anyone goes there during rest of the year. People do make the adventure of reaching the peak and it is a breath holding experience out there. The view of surroundings in 360 degree view thrills! That too if the wind is a bit too fast moving, the feeling is just unexplainable.

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